Born On A Tuesday is a webcomic created by Avalon Moore (who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia). Born On A Tuesday has been updated every Tuesday since 2012. You can find Avalon on instagram @bornonatuesdaycomics,  you can listen to her podcast Baseless Dream Interpretation on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and elsewhere, and you can get in touch with her by email at avkmoore@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi lady,
    We\’re planning on turning our Halifax apartment into a gallery with your comics featured on all the walls. I\’m off to print a bunch of them today. I hope you\’re ok with becoming a local celebrity. Maybe you could make a guest appearance this summer? We\’ve got lots of space, free food and even a spare bike. Can\’t wait to see you.

  2. heyy I got your “the don`t give a *uck colouring book“ and i`ve attempt to colour it but each time I realize I don`t give a *uck . . . ha ha love it thanxz RussOneB

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