Born On A Tuesday is a webcomic created by Avalon Moore, who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Born On A Tuesday is updated every Tuesday.

Avalon’s comics-making is supported by donations on Patreon; if you’d like to sign up for a monthly donation (anything from $1/month gets you some fun snail mail), head on over to her Patreon page. If instead, you’d like to make a one time donation of any amount you choose, you can do that at Paypal by clicking on this button:

Thank you thank you thank you to my wonderful patrons Ned Zimmerman, Miranda Glen, Scott Moore & Ola Moore, Susan Barleben, Barbara Burns, Monica Thornell, Isaac Bols, Kelly Ambrose, Campbell Moore, Torey Hampson, Chris Brobeck, Laura Clairmont, Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, Charly Baxter, Jess Rose, Anna Slater, and Faith Wiley!

If you would like to share a comic please do, and just make sure to give proper credit.

You can get in touch with Avalon by email at avkmoore@gmail.com.

You can listen to rough recordings of her music here, and read about her travels here.

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  1. Hi lady,
    We\’re planning on turning our Halifax apartment into a gallery with your comics featured on all the walls. I\’m off to print a bunch of them today. I hope you\’re ok with becoming a local celebrity. Maybe you could make a guest appearance this summer? We\’ve got lots of space, free food and even a spare bike. Can\’t wait to see you.

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