a note on “hey trudeau my safeword is electoral reform”

The thing about electoral reform is that there are so many other issues that are urgent and necessary to focus on–and those issues get decided based on which government is in power, and how we get represented by that government. If first past the post stays in place, our votes continue to get wasted in our ridings, and our power as voters stays constricted by having to vote strategically to avoid the worst option.

It’s not surprising that Trudeau’s trying to sneak away from this promise, considering that his party got a majority government with 39.5% of the popular vote (and how many of those votes were strategic just to get Harper out?). Let’s take a moment to remember that Harper was really into electoral reform too, before the Conservatives got in.

This issue determines how much power voters get in all the other issues. If we let it sneak past us then we’re giving up a chance to work out a system that gives a bit more control back to the people.