new things!

hands and plants

I’m getting pretty excited about some of the new things that I’m going to be flinging out into the world this month!

This weekend I’m going on a monk-ish solo adventure to a log cabin on the South Shore of Nova Scotia to give birth to one of them, and the other one is going to be surfacing on the world wide web within the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned, buds!

so much love for local coffeeshops

If I didn’t have access to coffeeshops to do work in, I would probably not even have a webcomic anymore. When I try to work from home, this is what happens:

I spend less than I would on studio rent, get caffeinated, and get to be out in the world in a pleasant space surrounded by other people going about their days. Seven Bays is one of my favourites in Halifax: big tables, huge windows, encouragement to stay for as long as I want (free re-fill of coffee!), often good music, and if I need a momentary distraction I can look over and watch the people using the climbing wall. Hurray for local coffeeshops, without them I would be doomed.