born on a tuesday is now on Patreon!


born on a tuesday is now on Patreon!


Sending out my first batch of thank you’s and rewards and I am EXCITED ABOUT IT.

Thank you thank you thank you to my wonderful patrons Ned Zimmerman, Miranda Glen, Scott Moore & Ola Moore, Susan Barleben, Barbara Burns, Monica Thornell, Isaac Bols, Kelly Ambrose, Campbell Moore, Torey Hampson, Chris Brobeck, Laura Clairmont and Michelle McQuade Dewhirst.

Patreon is a site where people who like looking at the things that I make can decide to give a monthly donation so that I can keep making the things! $1 a month would be so very appreciated, and would help me spend less of my time coming up with improbable get-rich-quick schemes (i.e. looking for more minimum wage jobs), so that I can spend more of my time making art things to share with you all. If you decide to donate, fun things will be coming for you by way of snail mail! And pals, snail mail is fun.

Please feel free to share my Patreon page around with people who might be able to/interested in supporting born on a tuesday!

If you would prefer to make a one time donation instead of a monthly one, you can do that too. Clicking on this button will take you to Paypal, where you can input whatever one time amount you’d like:

Thank you pals, you are wonderful, have lovely days


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